How to Earn money Online [Most Updated ways in 2020]

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How to Earn Money Online from Home.

Today everyone is searching one thing on Google - how to earn money online, if you are also doing the same search then you have come to the right place.

Because in today's article, we are going to give you proper information related to online earning. In this post, we will tell you the 14 best easy and simple ways to earn money online and how to earn money without any investment.

Many people consider this statement of earning online to be false. They think that there is no way to earn online. In the name of online earning, there are only scams on the Internet.

It is true that there are many scams on the internet in the name of online earning, but it is also true that online earning can also be done and today there are many people who are earning millions through online ways.

Essential to Start Earning 

  • Laptop / smart Phone / computer
  • Internet connection. 
  • Knowledge a little bit about computers.
  • Knowledge of identifying snacks and goodness.

So let's know how to make money online.

Ways To Earn money online.

At the present time, there are many ways to earn through the internet and today we will tell you about those methods one by one. So let's all know about the following methods.


freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money online, and today it is very popular in the Us, UK, and other countries.

There are many such websites on the internet, where you will get freelancing work. The following are the names of some popular freelancing sites.
After registering on all these websites, you can create your account for free and you will get a lot of different types of work on these websites. Such as - web designing, graphics designing, content writing, email marketing, data entry jobs and many other types of tasks will be found easily.

You can choose your work according to your skills and ensure the value of that work. And in this way you can easily earn money through freelancing.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money by promoting and selling other products sitting at home. Today many people use affiliate marketing as a part-time job and today many companies on the internet have opened their affiliate programs. 

We have told about affiliate marketing in our previous post, then you can read the previous post for your guidance. - What is Affiliate Marketing A Beginners Guide in 2020?

Youtube Channel

Everyone plays YouTube and also watches videos, but there are very few people who also know that you can earn millions by making videos on YouTube. Today there are many YouTube creators who are making money by making videos on YouTube.

You can also open a YouTube channel on YouTube and earn from it. YouTube is a platform where it is very easy to earn money and there are many ways to earn money online.

If you have any kind of skills like - cooking, web designing, yoga, etc. If you have any kind of skills, then you can earn money by teaching the skills of people through videos on YouTube.


Blogging is another way in which there are ways to earn more online like YouTube. In today's time, there are many people who have become millionaires only by doing blogging.  

If you want to earn money from blogging. Then you must read one of our previous posts, because, in that post, I have given all the detailed information about blogging. Whose reading will guide you in the field of blogging?

content writing

If you like writing. Content writing is a good opportunity for you to convert your passion into income and show your ability of writing to the world.

Because there are millions of online teaching websites and general blogs and news websites on the internet that need content writers who want to hire good content writers for their blog website.

You can easily apply for the content writing on these blogs and earn money through your writing work. It is not that there is no money in content marketing. A lot of money in this work too, yes, but as a beginner, you are given a little less money in the beginning. When you become an expert in this work, then you can charge 100$ to 150$ dollars for an article or even more.

web designing

Today every small and big business is getting online. To interact with our customers. It has become very important to have a website. And that's why the demand for work of web designers has increased today a lot.

If you have a website designing knowledge. Or you have knowledge of Wordpress, you can still do this work. Because on Wordpress you do not need any programming language or coding for website designing.

This is also a work that you can do from home online through your laptop and can earn money from this work.

social media

 Most people consider social media only as a means of entertainment. Where they meet new people, they can chat and post memes. But those people do not know that they also use social media to earn money.

But the truth is that there are many ways to earn from social media platforms. If you are very famous on social media and your good followers, then you can use those followers to earn from social media. You can use your social media handle for the paid promotion of a brand.

Some social media platforms have also opened partner programs for their users to earn money directly through them. Such as - Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Amazon Kindle

amazon kindle is an online e-book reader platform where you will get a lot of books to read. If you like to write a book, then you can income online using amazon kindle.

You can earn money by selling your e-book on amazon kindle. You will find millions of e-book readers on amazon kindle. You can earn money by selling your e-book.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy for digital marketing. This is used by big digital marketing experts and big brands and companies use email to reach their customers.

All company and digital marketing experts buy these emails and you get a lot of work of email snatching on freelancing sites. Where you have to collect a lot of emails and you can sell those emails to these companies and digital marketing experts and in this way you can earn money. 

Or you can use those emails in your affiliate marketing. This will increase your sales and you will be able to earn money through email marketing.

Translation Work

There is a lot of demand for translation work on the freelancing site today. In such a situation, if you have knowledge of any other language other than your mother tongue, then you can use that language for the job of translation.

To get the job of a translator, you should have a good knowledge of any language and also you should know how to run a computer. And you can get translation work from freelancing sites.

Selling own product

You can also earn money by selling your product online, such as if you have prepared a theme or a course, then you can earn money by selling that course online and you can sell your course to your social media followers. And you can use email marketing to promote and sell your product.

Selling online course

Many people are earning money by selling their courses online. If you also have skills then you can create a course on programming language, graphics designing, or any other type of skills that you have and sell them on udemy.

udemy is a popular platform where you can sell your courses.

Earn From Quora

If you like to ask questions and answer them, then you will probably enjoy earning money through quora. Because Quora is a question and answer forum website which has recently launched its partner program. By joining, you can monetize your question post. And this is how you can make money online through Quora.

Make money from Facebook

Most people use Facebook only for posting memes and their photos and for making friends and chatting with them.

But you can also use Facebook to make money from it. Recently Facebook launched its partner programs in India, by joining, you can monetize your Facebook page and earn money from it.


Today's post was to introduce you to online earning methods. In which we have got brief information about all the ways of earning online. And in some upcoming posts, we will understand all these topics one by one in detail. And you will know how you can earn from them.

So I hope you will like the information provided in this post. I you liked this information. Then do share it and comment below how do you like it.

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