What is Affiliate Marketing A Beginners Guide in 2020

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What is Affiliate Marketing A Beginners Guide

Do you also want to earn money online, if you will also ask the same question to a digital marketing specialist that I want to earn online how to earn?,  So perhaps their answer would be the same, whether affiliate marketing, blogging or YouTube.

There are many ways to earn money online through internet. But these are the three ways through which you can earn a lifetime. These are the most trusted methods, from here in today's time there are many people who are earning good money.

In today's article, we will talk about affiliate marketing. You will learn more about what affiliate marketing is and how to earn money through affiliate marketing. And we will also answer all the questions related to affiliate marketing, so read this post completely.

what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically the work of earning commissions, where you sell someone else's product and generate commission from it.

In the online market, there are many companies on the Internet who have opened their affiliate programs. All you have to do is join them, and get their product sold and in return, those companies give you a commission. And this is how you earn money through affiliate marketing.

Are you still in confusion about what affiliate marketing is, let's understand this with a real life example.

If you live in India then you must have heard the name of LIC, LIC Insurance is a product of LIC company. Whose LIC insurance agents sell to the general public and in return they get commission from LIC  company.

The agent here is an affiliate marketer because he is selling the product of another company, because the lic company is not his, nor is he his servant because he does not get paid, he gets a commission in exchange for his work.

If there is any deficiency in the product that he is selling here, then it does not make any sense to him, because it is a tiff of the company and the customer.

And this is how affiliate marketing works. Because the lic agent here is selling someone else's product and in return he is generating commission.

Now I think you must have understood what affiliate marketing is. So let's now learn about some affiliate programs. And know how you can make money from them.

Best Affiliate Programs

By the way, there are many affiliate marketing programs in the market and people are earning money from them. That is why in this post today I will tell you only about a few popular programs. So let's know about them one by one.


Amazon Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of amazon is the most popular in the world, by which you can sell amazon product and generate commission from it.

All you have to do is go to the official site of amazon affiliate program and go there and join that program. After that you will be given a unique link.

Through that link, you will get as many products sold by amazon, for every product sold you will get commission from amazon. And the commission rate for each product is already fixed.

And all affiliate programs work in this way. The way the amazon affiliate program works, but there are some differences in other affiliate programs.


Maxbounty Affiliate network

maxbounty is an affiliate marketing network which is the most popular today and people are earning the most money from it.

maxbounty works on CPA (click per action). And here you will find many simple tasks, for which you get a good commission. Such as survey work or getting the registration done on a website, believe it is very easy to earn money from maxbounty, that's why people like it so much.


Hosting Affiliate programs.

In today's time, every hosting provider company has opened its own affiliate programs. In which anyone can join and almost all affiliate programs are free.

In the hosting company, if you get a hosting sold, you get commissions ranging from 50 $ to 125 $. Some companies give little commission and some more. And below are the names of the top three hosting provider companies, you can check all of them.
  • BlueHost
  • Siteground
  • A2hosting

Now these are the best three Affiliate Marketing program. That is best to join for a Beginners. And Earn money from it.


I hope you all liked the information given in this post today. If you liked this post, then do share this post. And comment to tell how you liked this post.

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