What is Ethereum A ultimate Guide in 2020

what is Ethereum, how does Ethereum works. what is ether, how does ether work

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In this article today, we are going to answer all your questions. Such as - what is ethereum, how does it works and what is ether and how does ether works.

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Before we know about ethereum, if you do not know about bitcoin, then you must read our previous article, whose links are given below. Because if you know a little bit about bitcoin, then you will get a better understanding of ethereum.

what is Ethereum.

Ethereum is a blockchain-based software development platform that was developed in 2015. and it's founder of vitalik buterin. Who is also the founder of bitcoin magazine.

Basically ethereum is a programmable blockchain where you can develope a new way of ethereum based application software according to you.

What is blockchain? Blockchain is a record of a lot of block of data which is spread world wide in different computers rather than store at one place. Blockchain is basically based on three points decentralize, transparent, and proof of work.

Since any software application that is built on the ethereum platform is neither controlled by the ethereum and controlled by its creator. In this, the application works on its coding logic, and this makes it decentralize.

There are many such logos which consider ethereum as cryptocurrency but let me tell you that ethereum is not a currency, there is a platform where you can develope ethereum blockchain based software application which we also call Dapps in short.

ether is the currency that runs on the platform ethereum,  let's know what ether is.

what is Ether?

ether is a cryptocurrency that has been generated by the ethereum platform to provide the nodes that are mining as rewards to do their computational work.

If you know any information about bitcoin, then you should also understand that ether is also very thoda like bitcoin. But ether has some characteristics that make ether different thoda than bitcoin.

Like ether that 0.000000001 is the smallest number, and as we all know that bitcoins are limited and have a total number of 21 million but ether is quite the opposite. Ether can be unlimited.

conclusion -

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