Investment in bitcoin is Good or Bad - full explained

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Investment in bitcoin is Right or wrong

Today everyone is crazy about bitcoin. Everybody wants to invest in bitcoin. Everyone wants to buy bitcoin, even though people do not know what bitcoin is, nor can they explain to anyone what bitcoin is. But still want to invest in bitcoin.

The reason for this is because people have already realized that they can become rich quickly by investing in bitcoins and that is why everyone wants to buy bitcoins.

Do you also want to buy bitcoin like these people and invest in it? But do you know how right it is to invest in bitcoin and really you can get rich quickly by investing in it. And what do the great entrepreneurs say on this subject.

If you also want to know whether investing in bitcoin is right or wrong, then you must read this post completely because in this post we are going to give you complete information. 

So let's start without wasting anymore time.

Investment in Bitcoin is Good Or Bad

It is a bit difficult to say whether it is good or bad to invest in bitcoin. Because some people have become rich by investing in bitcoin and some people have also lost money. And if we talk about the citizens of Western countries, then the people there prefer to invest in bitcoin.

On the matter of investing in bitcoin, even the big entrepreneurs gave their own arguments and let us know what they have said.

warren buffett who is counted in the list of world's richest men. Which is a big investor and also a big industrialist. Let's know what his opinion is about Bitcoin.

Warren Buffet - "it's a Mirage, The Ideas it has some huge intrinsic value is just a joke in my view" People are buying into the value of substance. They are buying into the value of hype.

Since all the big entrepreneurs believe that bitcoin is an investment that has the highest risk and also has the highest return.

But a question arises in the mind that why entrepreneurs do not invest in it, when there is maximum profit in it. There are three reasons behind not investing in it.

The first reason is that Bitcoin's daily fluctuation rate is more than 30%. And any investment whose fluctuation rate is more than 30% is never called a safe investment.

On what basis is the graph of bitcoin up and down daily? No one knows the actual reason for this. And no one knows which algorithm it is working on. When you don't know what bitcoin actually is, how can you call it a good investment?

The third big reason is that bitcoin is a virtual investment. And you cannot change this investment by influencing it. And this is an unpredictable investment. In which you cannot even tell the price after 1 hour, how much it will increase and how much will decrease.

Bitcoin is an investment whose quality can be zero at any time. Then you cannot sell it to anyone nor can you use it for yourself. Because this is a virtual investment that does not exist.

It is not that bitcoin is a bad investment. This is both bad and good investment. It is good for some people and bad for some.

Suppose you have a lot of wasted money in banks. Which you can throw away. Then you can invest that money in bitcoin and in this situation it would be good for you to invest in bitcoin.

As we all know that in 2017, the price of bitcoin exceeded 19 thousand US dollars. So you can understand that at that time people would have bought bitcoins at this price, how much they would have lost because since then bitcoin has not reached that price yet.

And finally, I would like to tell you that if you read both the sides carefully, you can guess. That the sooner you can become rich by investing in bitcoin, the sooner you can become poor too.

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