How to make money through Blogging in 2020 [ Most Updated Guide].

How do I start a blog that pays? Is blogging still profitable in 2020 How do beginner bloggers make money? How much money can you make from a blog?
How make money through Blogging

What is blogging and how to earn money from blogging, are you also looking for answers to these questions? If yes then you have come to the perfect place.

Because in this post today, we are going to share information related to blogging, and in this beginner guide related to blogging, we will give complete information from start to end.

Most people on the Internet are making money from blogging, and in the present time blogging, affiliate and YouTube are the three easiest ways that you can learn online and earn money online.

Let us know without any delay what blogging is and how to earn money from it.

what is Blogging?

Basically the work of online blog writing is called blogging, let's assume that you have good knowledge about food and cooking, that's why you created a personal blog and you share information related to cooking recipes and food on that blog. So you are a blogger and the work you are doing is blogging.

Now I think you know what blogging is. Let's know how to make money from blogging.

How to earn from Blogging.

There are many ways to earn money from blogging, but we will talk only about the ways that most bloggers earn, and which are trustworthy and good ways. And whatever methods I will tell you here, in those ways I have earned and am earning from blogging.


AdSense is an ad network and which people use to monetize their website. adsense is the product of google and you can monetize your website by applying adsense ads.

Adsense pays you for the click and its impression of ads, that is why almost all bloggers use it today. And bloggers are earning thousands of dollars per month from adsense.

It is a great way to monetize your blog, so if you want, you can use it to monetize your blog.

If you want to monetize your website only through ads, then you can monetize your blog with ads from

Compared to adsense from always gives high cpc and you can earn good by applying ads from to your blog.

Affiliate Link -

We can also monetize our blog using affiliate links. And today all the big bloggers of the world use affiliate marketing to monetize their blog.

Because you can earn more money from adsense and through affiliate links. And at present, every company has its own affiliate programs open, so you can easily make money through your blog by joining any affiliate programs.

If you are a beginner and do not know about affiliate marketing then you can read our posts related to affiliate marketing - what is affiliate marketing a ultimate Guide.

Accepting sponsorship

You can monetize your blog through sponsored posts and earn money from it. If you are a beginner then you cannot earn in this way because the sponsorship is only available to those bloggers whose blog is performing well in google search ranking and the traffice of the website is also good.

Collecting Emails

Collecting emails of your visitors through your blog and selling them to the company is one way that both beginners and advance bloggers can earn good money.

Is still Blogging profitable

This is a question that is arising in the mind of every beginner who is about to start his blogging journey at the moment!

So let me tell those beginner bloggers who think that blogging is still profitable. Yes, blogging is still profitable and always will be, just that you have to work harder now to get success in the field of blogging.


There are many ways that you can earn from blogging. But I have told you only 5 ways, because I myself have made money through these methods.

I hope that you will like this information today, and if you like this information then do share it and comment how you liked this post.


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