How to Buy and sell Bitcoins in india ultimate Guide. [2020]

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How to buy and sell Bitcoins in india.

As you all know, I have shared a lot of information about bitcoin in my previous articles. And today I will tell you, how you can buy and sell bitcoins in India.

If you are new and have not read our previous posts, then follow the links below.

If you are following us from the beginning, then you will know that we can get bitcoins only in two ways, first is mining, about which I have shared all the information in my previous post. And we are going to talk about the other way in this post today. Let's know how to buy bitcoins in India.

How to buy bitcoin in india? 

In today's time there are many people and online platforms from where you can buy bitcoins. But I would like to tell you the names of only two platforms because here, I have bought bitcoins many times. Which I believe are very reliable.

1. Coinbase -  

coinbase is an online platform from where you can buy and sell bitcoins. Indian people cannot buy bitcoins from here, but here you can create your account, and use it for other tasks.

2. Localbitcoins - 

LocalBitcoins is an online website based platform. From where you can buy bitcoins and sell them. If you are an Indian citizen, then you can also buy and sell bitcoins from here, because all Indian payment modes are available here.

Since it is a third party platform, therefore it takes some charge on every transaction you make, the transaction fees charged by it is very low.

So today I will tell you about this platform, how can you buy bitcoins from here. Without losing anytime, let's know how to use it.

To use it, you have to first create an account in it, which you can create for free. Creating an account in it Is very simple, that's why we skip this process. Let us see what you have to do once you have created an account.

First of all, you have to verify your identity here, which is very simple. Once you verify the identity, after that your account will be fully ready for transaction.

When you create your account on, then you also get a bitcoin wallet and you also get a bitcoin address. Using which you can receive and send bitcoins.

Let us now know how you can buy bitcoins from here.

You have to go to the local bitcoin dashboard in the buy bitcoin section.

Buy bitcoin

After this, you have to enter your amount as much money as you want to buy bitcoins. And after this, select your country and payment mode and click on Search.

After this you will find many people who want to sell bitcoins here, you have to select one and buy bitcoins, when you pay it, after that your bitcoins will be credited to your localbitcoins wallet.

How to Sell bitcoin in india? 

Let us now know how to sell bitcoins in India. You can also sell bitcoins using To sell bitcoin you have to go to the section of sell bitcoin of localbitcoins.

After this, you have to select one buyer and sell it to your bitcoin, instead he will pay you in your local currency.

Note : 
But one thing to always keep in mind is whenever you sell bitcoin. Never click on the option of release bitcoin until you get the price of your bitcoin.

conclusion - I hope you liked the information shared in today's post, if you liked it, then share it. Comment and tell how did you like this information. If you have questions related to this in your mind then you can also ask them by commenting.


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